Like Prince of Persia... with a sawed-off shotgun


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Blackthorne is a two-dimensional platform-based action game that may remind you of games like Prince of Persia and Flashback. You take on the role of Kyle Vlaros, the heir of the planet Tuul, in an epic mission to recover his throne.

There are seventeen different levels divided into four areas, starting in mines at the beginning of the game and moving through a jungle and a desert filled with enemies that want to cut your adventure short.

Luckily, your hero Kyle Vlaros comes equipped with a sawed-off shotgun. While your weapon may not be very powerful at first, you can improve it as you play, so that you eventually have a machine capable of turning your enemies to dust.

Although this is a 2D game, Blackthorne uses a pretty original covering system, which allows you to dodge to the side to avoid enemy fire. Of course, your enemies have the same capability.

Blackthorne is a two-dimensional platform-based action game developed by Blizzard in 1994. Despite its age, it's still an excellent playing experience - both graphics and gameplay are perfectly enjoyable today.
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